August 20, 2017

Canada: giant blaze covering some 500,000 hectares seen by A-Train satellites

19 forest fires are burning together to form a single blaze that is turning into the biggest ever recorded in the province of British Colombia.

Smoke from a wildfire in the distance seen from a road in the Glacier National Park in British Columbia, Canada, on 13 August. (Credit: Liz Young / AFP)


Observations by the A-Train’s MODIS/Aqua, OMI/Aura and CALIOP and IIR (CALIPSO) instruments, showing a high density of carbon and mineral particulate matter transported to very high altitudes (into the lower stratosphere) with a strong potential radiative impact; northward and westward diabatic transport (radiative heating) across the northern hemisphere (the first such observation recorded in this region).
 (Credit: J. Pelon, LATMOS)

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