March 31, 2016

Calipso mission suspended from 28 January to 14 March 2016

Since January 28, the CALIPSO mission has been interrupted because of a GPS receiver issue with week number management on PROTEUS satellite series identified during Jason 3 LEOP in January this year.

Following a GPS reset the Calipso’s platform transitioned to the so-called Command and Control REDUCED mode. This mode, although stable from the platform viewpoint, does not allow correct timing of data collection by the payload which has subsequently been turned to SAFE mode.

Since the first occurrence of this issue, TAS-Italy and TAS-France-Cannes (resp. GPS receiver and PROTEUS platform manufacturers) jointly with CNES PROTEUS experts and operations team have put all the efforts to deliver and validate a new software version as well as the flight control procedures and operational sequence to upload it on board.

The subsequent operational coordination built between CNES and Langley Research Center teams allowed the return to nominal science on March 14th.


Illustration of Calipso minisatellite
© CNES/ill./CARRIL Pierre, 2004